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Sell your Car

Please complete all the boxes below down to "Intercom". If the text is not applicable enter "none". Enter any details regarding wheels and tyres or other comments plus your contact details and press the "submit Enquiry" button. Please supply as much detail as possible so that Iain can value the car accurately.

Telephone 01282 854900 or email
Car for Sale (Nova, Corsa, Astra, Peugeot, Honda etc.):
Type (rally, race, sprint/hill climb, fast road, track day etc)
Please give a description and state the condition of the main components listed below
Shell (e.g. seam-welded, strengthened):
Cage (e.g. bolt in, weld in, triangulated):
Engine (e.g. 1300, 1600, 2000, 16V, Type R etc.):
Engine specification (head, cam, pistons, rods, bhp)
Fuel (e.g. twin 40s, 45s, 48s, injection, throttle bodies):
Management (e.g. MBE, Weber Alpha, DTA):
Exhaust manifold (e.g. standard, 4 branch):
Exhaust System (e.g. standard, competition, stainless steel):
Gearbox (e.g. F10, F13, F20, Quaife, Drenth, Bollverk, Dog etc.):
CWP (e.g. standard, competition, ratio?):
LSD (e.g. Gripper, Quaife 40%, Quaife 90% (Gp A), KAAZ, Mugen):
Gear Linkage (e.g. standard, internal, Quaife):
Driveshafts (e.g. standard, Group A, competition):
Struts (e.g. Bilstein, Leda, Proflex, Springs?):
Rear Shocks (e.g. Bilstein, Leda, Proflex, coilover):
Front Brakes (e.g. standard, 16V, Wilwood 4 pot, AP 4 pot, Alcon?):
Rear Brakes (standard, dsc conversion, alloy 2 pots):
Hydraulic Hand brake (e.g. no, yes):
Steel braded lines (e.g. flexis, brake/fuel throughout):
Bottom arms/tie rods (e.g. standard, rose jointed, Uniballs, Pilbeam):
Steering (e.g. standard, quickrack):
Power steering (e.g. Corsa, Harry Hockly, electric column, standard)
Power steering pump (e.g. Saxo electric, mechanical engine):
Sump Guard (e.g. none alloy, 10mm works alloy):
Tank guard (e.g. none, fibreglass, Kevlar, alloy):
Strut brace (e.g. none, Pilbeam):
Seats (e.g. steel frame, composite, date)
Belts (e.g. standard buckle, aircraft buckle)
Extinguishers (mechanical, electric):
Tripmeter (e.g. none, Brantz, Terratrip, Coralba):
Lamp pod, Corner pods (eg. yes, no, make?):
Bias Pedal Box (eg. yes, no, cable):
Intercom (eg. yes, no, Peltor):
Wheels (please provide details of the wheels)
Tarmac tyres (please provide details of quantity and condition)
Gravel tyres (please provide details of quantity and condition)
Please provide any details that are not included in the boxes above.
Please comment on the condition of the shell and parts.
Please provide details of any spares.
Approximate asking price:
Upload up to 7 images of your car (no bigger than 400Kb).
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Image 7:
In order for us to reply to your enquiry we will need to take your email, name and telephone number plsu the car location. These will be held in the strictest confidence. We will endeavour to get back to you within the day.
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